Benefits of the HCG Diet

The HCG Diet is has many benefits, and it is unique from other diets in a number of ways. First of all, many people are able to keep their weight off after finishing the HCG Diet, and they experience rapid weight loss and can reach their weight loss goals more quickly than with other diets. Another unique factor of the HCG Diet is that most people do not report feeling hungry and having food cravings despite the low calorie diet. The HCG Diet has allowed many people to improve their health and overcome weight loss resistance. Some of the other benefits of the HCG diet include:

Significant Weight Loss

If patients follow the diet correctly, they can lose around thirty pounds or more with one course of the HCG. The HCG hormone can signal the body to release around one pound of fat per day, and both men and women can reach or come close to meeting their weight loss goals. An HCG Diet specialist can help patients decide how many rounds of HCG they need and are eligible for.

Fewer Food Cravings

In many cases, people on the HCG Diet report not feeling hungry and having fewer food cravings. This is because they are getting nutrients from the calories released from fat and the necessary vitamins from food intake. Sometimes, an energy or nutrient deficiency can cause a food craving; the body will look for the fastest source of energy or a particular nutrient. Often times, these sources are not the healthiest foods; however, with the HCG Diet, a steady amount of calories is released and only healthy foods, such as fruits or vegetables can be eaten.

Improved Eating Habits

During the HCG Diet, only lean proteins, low sugar fruits, and fresh vegetables can be eaten, and all processed, high sugar, and fatty foods are cut out of the diet. Because people are unable to eat many unhealthy foods, they eventually stop wanting them. When the HCG Diet is correctly followed, many people are able to form new habits and make healthier food choices. After a course of the HCG Diet, many patients have a preference for whole foods.

Sustained Weight Loss

After finishing the HCG Diet, most people are able to maintain their weight loss. People who regain the weight they lost make one of two mistakes. Some people that regain their weight go back to eating processed foods and foods high in sugar and fat. Other people that regain weight are those that attempt to eat the same low calorie diet they were eating on the HCG Diet. Without the HCG hormone, the body is no longer receiving calories and nutrients from fat, which causes it to go into starvation mode and hold onto everything taken in by storing it away as fat. A lack of proper meals and food can also weaken digestion, promote hair loss, and decrease immunity. Therefore, people who eat healthy meals and restore the amount of calories that is healthy for their age and height, usually maintain their weight loss.

A qualified HCG physician can guide patients through the weight loss process and help them to lose their desired amount of weight. Many patients that have followed the HCG Diet have been able to improve their confidence, prevent obesity related diseases, and boost their overall health and wellness.

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